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Throne of Glass Dust Jacket Set

Throne of Glass Dust Jacket Set

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For this set you will receive all 8 dust jackets designed by @starscrapers on Instagram.

SIZING: These ONLY fit the US Bloomsbury Hardback Set ISBN: 9781547602186 or the individual Bloomsbury editions. Due a to shortage, US Editions are SOLD OUT, and US retailers are carrying the UK editions, which do not fit our jackets. 

Once your order is placed your order will begin shipping in 1-2 weeks.

Shipping may vary in cost depending on your country of origin.

Once your purchase is complete there will be NO refunds available.

From The Assassin's Blade, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn, Kingdom of Ash Artwork copyright © 2021 by The Dusty Shop. Reprinted by permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for the author.


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